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Back Squats

Tempo Back Squat


*Performing 1 rep, 7s down, 3s pause in bottom

Set 1: 58%

Set 2: 60%

Set 3: 62%

Set 4: 64%

Set 5: 66%

Set 6: 68%

Set 7: 70%

Metcon (Time)

“Wall Street”

3 Rounds For Time: (30 min cut off)

800m Run

40 KBS (53/35)

40 WBS (20/14) (10’/9’)


Spend 10 mins working on Turkish Get Ups

CrossFit Empire South – CrossFit

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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Construction Crew”

In Teams of 4


A) 400m Run

B) 40 T2B

C) + D) Tag Team Max Calorie Row

*At the start of 3.2.1.GO…A and B will begin their tasks while C and D begin rowing. A and B will finish their task then swap roles with each other. Once both A and B have swapped roles and finished, the entire team will swap roles.*

CrossFit Empire South – CrossFit

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CrossFit Total (Total Weight)

1 rep Back Squat (1 Rep Max)
1 Rep Max Strict Press (1 Rep Max)
1 RM Deadlift (1 Rep Max)
Athlete gets 3 attempts at each lift. Weight must increase after each successful attempt at each movement. Weight may not be decreased after first attempt. A failed rep counts as an attempt.

There is no time limit for each lift or for the length of the session in which they are all performed, but they must all be performed during one session (i.e., athlete cannot leave the area to rest or perform other activities between the three lifts).

Goat Day (No Measure)

“Goat Day”

On the Minute for 20:

Odd Minutes – “Goat” #1

Even Minutes – “Goat” #2