Saturday, August 24, 2019

CrossFit Empire South – CrossFit

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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP (with a Partner) in 20 minutes

Buy In:

150 meter Partner Carry (each)

Then, in time remaining:

-Partner A completes 1 round of:

15 American Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lb)

10 Burpees

5 Ground-to-Overheads (95/65 lb)

-Partner B performs:

Max Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)

*Partners rotate each round until team completes 150 Wall Balls

Then, in time remaining:

AMRAP of the 15/10/5 rep rounds above (one partner working at a time)

*If partners do not want to Partner Carry, then the Buy In becomes a 300m odd object/weighted run.
Dedicated to WWII hero Doris Miller, of Waco, TX. During the attack in the Pearl Harbor, Doris was asked to assist the captain, who was mortally wounded, to move him to a safer place. After helping the captain, he went back to the battle row and found a gun that was unmanned and went manage it. When asked to abandon ship, Doris was one of the men who were able to save some of the injured men. Because of his bravery, he was awarded the Navy Cross. “Doris was always considering other people rather than himself. He definitely put country first.”

The significance of the workout’s format and rep scheme:

– Partner workout be cause he moved/drug several men to safer location while the ship was being strafed – including the ships commanding officer who was mortaly wounded.

– 150m Partner Carry, 150 Wall Balls, because “15” is in reference to a quote from Dorie as having fired the 50cal deck gun (which he had no training on) for 15 minutes recording at least one enemy kill and possibly up to four

– AMRAP at the end because after moving men during strafing, and after firing the 50 cal at enemy planes for 15 mins, because of his size/athleticism his commanding officer ordered him to save “as many men as possible” from the water as his ship was sinking.

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