Friday, May 3, 2019

CrossFit Empire South – CrossFit

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Bar MU and Handstand Walking

Spend 15min working on Bar Muscle Ups

1st 3:00 = Snap to Hollow (10 reps each minute)

2nd 3:00 = Kipping Swing (10 reps each minute)

3rd 3:00 = Snap to Sit-Up (10 reps each minute)

4th 3:00 = Kip to Hip (5 reps each minute)

5th 3:00 = Bar Muscle Up Attempts (can be partner spotted or alone, work for the whole 3:00)


15 mins of Handstand Walking Practice

Metcon (Time)

“Lucky 7s”

7 Rounds: (20min cutoff)

7 DB or Barbell Clusters (50s/35s) (95/65)

7 Bar MUs

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